A simple REST API for calculating VAT in the EU.

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curl \
     -d key=ar86xcyx2mhnaq6nbff1j703 \
     -d seller_country=DE \
     -d buyer_country=DE



What is VAT MOSS?

EU businesses selling digital services have to charge consumers local VAT. For example: Say your company is German but your customer lives in Sweden. Then you need to charge the Swedish rate (25%), not the German one (19%). You owe the collected tax to Sweden.

MOSS stands for "Mini One Stop Shop". Instead of requiring you to file a tax report in Sweden, MOSS lets you declare and pay the tax in your home country. The service automatically distributes the proceeds to the various EU member states.

Why use an API?

Tax rules are complex and change continuously in the EU. For instance, did you know that the rate for Austria is 20%, but if your customer is in Jungholz then it is 19%?

Using an API has the advantage that you are always applying the correct rate. To achieve this, this web site updates itself every day with data from the most widely used GitHub project on the subject.

(Last update check: Mar 23, 2018. Library version 2.2.)

Is this service free?

At the moment, yes. But this may change in the future. To be notified in advance, please leave us your email: